“I was in prison and you visited me.”  This statement made by our Lord Jesus Christ is so powerful.  He did not say, “you visited them, but we visited Him.”  Yes, he is there with His presence and love.  His salvation plan does not stop at the front gate but enters the heart of each man, woman or youth who calls out to God for the Savior. 


You can become that person who helps take the message of God’s love into facilities, into the community at large and into hearts.  We offer the training and help open doors of opportunity for you to give of your life and talent.  Sharing through teaching, preaching, music, mentoring plus other means of helping people to know their destiny.  Jesus came to give life and love, you are the messenger who shares the eternal truth and helps bring their understanding to a decision to become men and women of faith who then become mature people.


Helping others with the goal in view that over 90% of the people who are incarcerated will return to society and family.  They need our help to become successful and not recommit actions that cause more incarceration but how to lead lives that bring love and joy. 


Please, check the areas of information listed to see how you may help.  Contact us and let us help you, help others.

The link information listed above has a large listing of community resources for your review.  Please, go to this link to seek the type agency you need assistance from so you can contact them.


Pictures above by Bill Koons