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An always changing list of locations we serve as God enables.

New Directions Ministries has grown to serve beyond prison and jails to nursing homes, youth offender facilities and homeless shelters. Contact New Directions for a full list and join our amazing team of Humble Heroes.

This is the Lords doing and its marvelous in our eyes. ~ Psalm 118:23

New Directions Ministry has a heart to help people who are housed in senior care facilities, youth facilities, prisons and jails. We ask the Lord for volunteers to help us present the Gospel in facilities and we contact chaplains and administrators asking if they will allow us to send volunteers to present God's message of His love and salvation.

There are 31 prisons in Michigan with an inmate population of around 41,000 inmates. Some inmates are there for just a few years, some are there with a life sentence. There are 83 counties in Michigan with jails which house arrested men and women. There are city jails that house men and women temporarily. Youth facilities exist in cities housing teen aged youth. Senior care facilities house so very many men and women who are not able to care for themselves. The Rescue Mission is an important care facility for men and women.

This is a home mission field with endless opportunities to share the Good News of the Lord Jesus Christ as the Savior and life changer for those men, women and youth. This is a view of Michigan, now consider the nation of America and the huge amount of people who are housed in facilities, this is a shocking amount of people. Those people need the truth for healing, deliverance and divine love, life change and salvation.

We help people find opportunity to share the message of God's love and salvation in facilities. An important part of our ministry is shipping Bibles and Christian books to chaplains and directors for distribution to people. We depend on donations of Bibles and books to sort and mail or send with someone to local sites. We send boxes of Bibles and books to many states in our nation and are honored to help people.

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